Below is a list of commonly asked questions from our customers over the years. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for here please email us your questions here or call us at (518) 915-3661.

Q. Can I have foam installed in my existing home?
A. Yes, accessible areas of the like attics, basements and crawlspaces.

Q. Can you insulate my existing walls?
A. Yes, with cellulose we can insulated by removing siding drilling and fillings your walls with insulation. Can only be done if there is little or no insulation in wall cavities to begin with.

Q. Does Spray Foam break down, sag or shrink?
A. No, Spray foam remains for the life of the building.

Q. Can I make my house too airtight?
A. With proper use of exhaust fans and heat recovery ventilators, a building envelope can be made tight while clean, healthy air is circulated through the structure. Air leakage needs to be controlled in houses by making wall and attic assemblies as tight as possible. This not only prevents drafts but reduces the amount of airborne noise and dust from entering the building while ensuring that insulated cavities remain moisture-free.

Q. What Spray Foam products do you use?
A. Here is the link for the spray foam product we use.


Q. Is spray foam insulation code approved?

A. Yes. Building codes provide for the use of spray foam insulation. The material and application are described in section 705.1 and 705.2. The code also details the use of thermal barriers.

Q. How much money will we save?
When insulating a new home with Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass the average energy savings is 50%. Typical energy upgrades for existing homes can be from 10%-40% depending on the home.