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4 Sarnowski Drive
Scotia, NY 12302


Review: Insulation Service
1 month ago

Air sealing and Attic insulation (blown in cellulose) to keep house warm and prevent ice dams

Pete’s a great guy and knows his insulation. He came out to take a look in my attic and spent about ? hour with me exploring and discussing what the state of my attic was and what kind of things he could do to improve it. He quickly emailed me a quote and proposal. We continued talking about it on the phone to change the scope of work a bit but quickly settled on a good arrangement — complete sealing of all penetrations in the attic (to stop air flow from the heated space below-I had a lot of holes!), make sure the exhaust fan ducts are secured and sealed, and most importantly, gain access to some of the sealed-off attic areas to properly insulate and vent them, and then blow in enough cellulose insulation to get to proper standards (I think at least R40). I already had fiberglass batts in the main part of the attic, but in gables and a sealed-off part I had basically nothing. Pete sent out three workers (Scott and crew), and they worked quickly and efficiently. They finished the job after three hot, sweaty hours in my attic in August. They put in about 70 baffles to ensure venting up from the soffit vents stays open. They sealed up all the holes in the ceiling made from ceiling light junction boxes and a big empty space by my chimney that runs all the way up from the basement. They cut access holes into the spaces over the gables and sealed attic space, squirreled their way in and installed the baffles and blew in lots of cellulose. Then they capped off the older fiberglass batts (still in good shape) with the blown-in cellulose to make sure all the gaps were filled in and covered for good insulation. Very pleased with the work and clean up afterwards. I can’t say for sure yet until winter if they ice dams are eliminated, but they did the work well and up to spec, and I’m sure it will be much improved.

Review: Insulation Service
5 months ago

Professional advice on insulation option for my house

We called Affordable Energy to get estimate for attic insulation. He gave us honest opinion and very detailed advice as to what we can do and rough approximate cost. Although we could not use his service due to other urgent services we needed, we will definitely consider him for our future insulation project.